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General Information about Kota

View of Kota fort.Built from 1625 onwards, Kota's city palace reflects the city's stormy history-its exterior marrying rugged bastion and ramparts with delicate cupolas and balustrades. Basically Rajput in form, it also reflects the close connections the Kingdom had with the Mughals in its graceful Mughal-style design elements. The palace is a rambling complex of suites and apartments built by different rulers at different times.

You enter through the 17th century Hathi Pol (Elephant Gate),typically of the Hadauti region of south-west Rajasthan in design, with its bracketed elephants forming an archway with their raised trunks, Inside lies the grand Raj Mahal,with ornate medieval glass and mirror inlay-work covering its walls and ceilings. There are also some fine 18th century frescos here, mainly depicting scenes from the legends of Lord Krishna. Adjoining this is a gallery with a fine collection of period Rajput weaponry, including Prithviraj Chauhan's historic scimitar and a fascinating array of old firearms, many of them superbly inlaid with gold and ivory.


Chambal Garden Kota:
This impressive structure overlooks the turbulent waters of the Chambal River is a popular tourist attraction. A beautifully landscaped garden at the Amar Niwas. Its lush surroundings make it a popular picnic spot offering enjoyable boar rides.

Rao Madho Singh Trust Museum, Garh Palace:
The old 17th century Kota Fort Place is a vast complex of buildings, halls temples and courtyards altered and added from time to time by different rulers. Many of these contain beautiful frescoes and elaborate glass and mirror work. A considerable part of the family treasures have been preserved in the Raj Mahal. These include a fine collection of weapons, miniatures, royal paraphernalia furniture, photographs etc. The upper galleries Laksh Bhandar, Arjun Mahal, Chhatra Mahal and Baka Mahal contain some of the finest mural paintings of Kota school.

Jag Mandir Kota:
Amid the picturesque artificial lake of Kishore Sagar constructed in 1346 AD by Prince Dher Deh of Bundi, stands the enchanting little palace of Jag Mandir.
The azure waters around the red-sandstone monument enhances its beauty. Boat-rides can be enjoyed in the lake. The Keshar Bagh famous for its royal cenotaphs lies in the vicinity.

Haveli of Devtaji, Kota:
The beautiful Haveli of Devta Shridharji is located in the middle of the busy market. The haveli is noted for its splendid frescoes and rooms ornate with lovely wall paintings.

Kota, Barrage:
A part of the irrigation canal system on the Chambal River, this beautiful setting is ideal for outings and evening strolls.

Kota, Fort:
This impressive structure overlooks the turbulent waters of the Chambal River is a popular tourist attraction. According to local legend, the Bhil chieftain Kotya was slain by Jait Singh, the grandson of Rao Deva, the founder of the Hada rule. The foundation of the Garh (Fort) was raised over the slain chief near the Salar Gazi Gate. Where, till today, the Kota Royal House customarily offers prayers. The Kota fort rampart is one of the highest in Rajasthan, with its three-layered fortifications heavily reinforced by massive bastions and 6 double gates and 25 towers (burj). Within its precincts are numerous palaces, Madho Singh Mahal, Raj Mahal, Bada Mahal, Chhatra Mahal and the ruined Jhala Haveli. The City Palace and the Fort comprise one of the largest of such complexes in Rajasthan. The former rulers of Kota still retain a major portion of the palace.

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