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General Information about Bangalore

Bangalore - where every season carries a holiday mood, a city called the Garden City of India, a city which has identified it self as the Manhattan of India, a city which keeps pace with the latest trends and fashion. Bangalore, is now what we call India's Silicon Valley and the country's pub capital, along with aerospace research, biotechnology and dozens of premier education institutions it is perhaps the most westernized city in India. But very few actually know much about the history of this pleasant and beautiful city. Bangalore is fast emerging as one of the most industrialized city in India. The present capital of Karnataka, Bangalore was founded by the local Chieftain Kempe Gowda in sixteenth century. But Bangalore never came up on the scene till it was converted into the summer capital of Mysore by Tipu Sultan. The Wodeyars also contributed in developing the city through gardens and palaces they built. To the British goes the credit of making it into an administrative center.

The pleasant climate of Bangalore has been an attraction for one and all. Capital of a state which is rich in Sandal wood, Rose wood and Silk, certainly has more to offer than a day or two of sight seeing. Bangalore has always tried to keep itself peppy and jazzy. The numerous pubs and night clubs can compete with any modern city of America or Europe. It is a city which has adopted to the changing fashion trends in the world. A city which not only has large number of cinema halls but is also famous for its night life. The modern shopping malls full of brightly lit shops and showrooms not necessarily invite prospective buyers but are treat for the window shoppers too.

The greenery of the city is an added attraction with the climate. The numerous gardens and parks, streets lined with trees are very soothing in what would have been a jungle of concrete. The golf course, Tennis lawns and the Stadium are always the venue for some or other activity. Bangalore is a regular host to many events in dance, music and other exhibitions. Bangalore attracts a major chunk of Foreign investment in India. Already it was called electronic city for India but the establishment of the Silicon park on the out skirts of the city has converted it into the Silicon city of the world. With major players in the IT industry gaining footholds here, Bangalore is destined to emerge as the electronic hub of the world.

Legend has it that a prosperous King of the 11th Century, Veera Ballala the 2nd, was on a expedition when he lost his way in the thick forest. After a long and tiring search for some habitation, the hungry King came across an isolated hut. He knocked on the door and was warmly welcomed by a poor woman. The woman had nothing to offer the King except some boiled beans. The King sumptuously ate the humble meal and left the hut gratefully after a short rest. He later named the town that sprang up in the region 'Benda Kalooru' or town of boiled beans. The name changed as time went on and what we are presently left with is a corrupted version of the original, but a name that we Bangaloreans simply love.

In the year 1537, Kempe Gowda designed the present day city. His son Kempe Gowda II built the famous towers at the four corners of the old city. In 1638, Shahaji Bhonsic, the father of Shivaji captured the City. In 1687 Aurargzeb's army captured the City and sold it to the Wodeyars for a paltry sum of 3 lakhs, three years later, the city is gifted to Wodeyar in 1759, he built the famous Lal Bagh, one of Bangalore's most beautifully laid out gardens.

In the beginning of the 19th Century, the General Post Office was opened. Nine years later, in 1809, the Cantonment was established. The British made an entrance into Bangalore and took over administration in 1831. The first 'Train' chugs out of the city in 1859 and five years later, in 1864 the lovely Cubbon Park is built by Sankey. The end of the century saw the building of Attara Kacheri and the Bangalore Palace. While the 20th century arrives on the first motorcar in the city the same time sees India's first electric bulb.

From then on the city has grown in magnitudes, emerging into what you see it and know it. The city has slowly found a place in the country's history and off recently a place on the world map.

SHOPPING: Bangalore is famous for the shopping malls which have some of the finest and biggest showrooms in India. This electronic capital of India has been attracting people for Sandal wood, Silk and hand woven materials. The Karnataka Handloom Development Corporation's 'Priyadharshini' Handloom House is located at various places. Bangalore is a good place to buy specialities from all over the state. Here one can find the fine Mysore silk and Sandalwood & Sandal wood items. The inlay work from Karnataka in Brass, Rosewood are any collectors hunt. Ivory artifacts and the Lambani Jewellery make good decorative as well as gift items.

Premier shopping areas are Mahatma Gandhi Road, Commercial Street, Brigade Road, Public Utility Building, Kempe Gowda Road, Jayachamarajendra Road, Jayanagar Shopping Complex, Russel Market, City Market, Avenue Road.

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